You may find this to be the boring page.  Most folks are so busy they don’t have the time to probe the quality issue.  Someone they know said (whatever it was) it was a good solution so I’ll just go for it.  But if you have a minute, read on……

Over the years we’ve received many, many calls from folks (not our clients mind you) who say something like this:  “I have  problem with one of my kitchen drawers……”.  Either the front has come off or is loose, or one of the corners gave way and broke, or the bottom fell out.  You get the picture.

First, it’s important to know that our drawers are composed of solid hardwood…..real wood on all four sides…..not plywood.  In most cases our clients will go with our recommendation to use 5/8″ thick, solid cherry.  Its a price performer and it looks great.  We offer more than 25 species of wood for you to choose from but cherry seems to be the winner.

Next, the corners of the drawers are joined with dovetails.  Dovetail joinery has been around for hundreds of years and because of the nature of the dovetail the corners won’t separate with use.  Yes, from time to time a dovetail joint has failed.  Perhaps the wood cracked, or it was really slammed to hard.  But this is a rarity.  Dovetail corers are extremely reliable (hence the depiction on our logo).

Dovetail 6x4 DSC_9651
Dovetail joinery

The bottom of the drawer boxes are indeed made of plywood.  This is the best choice for drawer bottoms because plywood will expand and contract only minimally.  This is important because you don’t want the drawer bottom to expand in humidity and push out on the sides.  We make sure there is a little extra room in the groove where the bottom fits so if there is some expansion there is no pressure on the sides.

And, it’s important to note that we apply a small amount of hot melt glue under the drawer bottom where it meets the front and back.  This helps to stop the bottom from being too loose and rattling.

Are you still with me?

100 Hot melt glue
Hot melt glue

We use soft close, under mount, drawer glides manufactured by Blum USA to mount our drawers.  These glides are widely recognized by cabinet makers to be among the erst, if not the best drawer glides available today.  They operate extremely smoothly and soft close feature is terrific.  Give the drawer a slight push and walk away……Blum does the rest.

200 Blum drawer clip
Blum adjustable drawer glide clips

There are numerous other things that we do and products we do to ensure you get the best possible roll out drawer product and installation.  We take very accurate measurements on site so we can maximize the size of your drawers while making sure the existing door hinges don’t interfere with their operation.  And we pay special attention to the blocking inside of your cabinet so the drawer glides are secure.  If you need an astragal to replace the center divider of one of your cabinets we’ll match it to your existing cabinets and we make sure it fits just right.

400 drawer glide tolerance - close up
Interior glide mount blocking

The bottom line for you is that you will be delighted with the result of our installation and you can count on years and years of trouble free use of your new roll outs.


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